CAJ Changes page

Release History

1.1.152015-03-25Reimplemented CA search.
1.1.142014-03-27Stability fixes
1.1.132013-08-05CAJ channel sharing disable support
1.1.122013-05-30JDK7 support
1.1.112013-02-21String decoding fix
1.1.102012-06-14DBE_PROPERTY support
1.1.92011-10-26Extended header fixed.
1.1.82011-09-14Stability improved.
1.1.72010-10-01Stability improved.
1.1.62009-10-08Searching improved.
1.1.5b2009-03-27CAS public release.
1.1.52008-10-27Reconnection fixed.
1.1.42007-06-11PUT_ACKT/ACKS support added, synchronization fixes.
1.1.22006-11-15CAJ search algorithm reimplemented.
1.1.12006-10-26CAJ priority support added.
1.1.02006-09-09JCAS implementation, CA repeater, CAJ fixes.
1.0.52006-05-26Channel.put(value) and context exception notification fixes.
1.0.42005-09-07Timed-out pendIO() fixed.
1.0.32005-07-06Connection lost and large arrays fix.
1.0.22005-02-01String array and high port numbers fix.
1.0.12004-11-06JCA 2.1.5 compatibility and access rights fix.
1.02004-10-27First release of CAJ.

Release 1.1.16 - 2015-xx-xx

fixDuplicate monitor resubscription bugfix.msekoranja

Release 1.1.15 - 2015-03-25

updateReimplemented CA search algorithm.msekoranja
updateZero length get request handling when server is older than 3.14.12.msekoranja
updateAdded loopback address to CA address list when no addresses found.msekoranja
updateAdded CAJContext.modifyUserName() method.msekoranja

Release 1.1.14 - 2014-03-27

updateMore robust handling of UDP broadcast detection and sending (latest Win + JDK bugs).msekoranja
updateMore robust handling when server stops reading from TCP socket (send buffer get full).msekoranja
updateTunable SearchChannelManager. Thanks to Murali Shankar.msekoranja
fixSubscription clear ack. message properly ignored.msekoranja
fixCAJ possible deadlock resolved when IOC is shutdown while CAJ is creating channels on it.msekoranja
fixCAJ search live-lock.msekoranja
updateCAJ_DEBUG support for direct allocated byte buffers.msekoranja

Release 1.1.13 - 2013-08-05

updateCAJ channel sharing disable support.msekoranja

Release 1.1.12 - 2013-05-30

updateJDK7 support.msekoranja

Release 1.1.11 - 2013-02-21

fixDecoding of strings of length 40 fixed (in some special cases).msekoranja

Release 1.1.10 - 2012-06-14

updateDBE_PROPERTY support.msekoranja
updateMore efficient decoding of big arrays. Work done by Gabriele Carcassi.msekoranja
updateVariable sized array support (elementCount=0).carcassi
updateMonitor payload check at creation time.msekoranja
updateOptimized receive buffer size handling (starts with small initial receive buffer, resizes up to MAX_ARRAY_BYTES on demand.)msekoranja

Release 1.1.9 - 2011-10-26

fixExtended header fixed (requesting more that 64k elements).msekoranja

Release 1.1.8 - 2011-09-14

fixExtended header handling.msekoranja
fixRobustness of Reactor improved (in case of CancelledKeyException).msekoranja
fixDisabling flow control.msekoranja
fixMore robust behavior in case JVM fails to get hostname.msekoranja

Release 1.1.7 - 2010-10-01

updateAnnoying stdout println removed of UDP transport (makes users happier, but there is less diagnostic).msekoranja
fixPossible deadlock fixed under heavy request and disconnect actions.msekoranja

Release 1.1.6 - 2009-10-08

updateCA UDP search improved.msekoranja
updateAdded support for -Djca.use_env=true - reads EPICS system env. variables.msekoranja
updateIf Java 6 or newer is being use, CAJ introspects network interfaces for their broadcast addresses.msekoranja
fixInvalid UDP message caused CAJ to fall into a deadloop.msekoranja

Release 1.1.5b - 2009-03-27

No changes in this release.

Release 1.1.5 - 2008-10-27

fixImproved connection mechanism.msekoranja
fixIn ceratin case CAJ might reconnect channel more then once.msekoranja
updateCAJ is now distributed with CAS (Channel Access Server) implementation.msekoranja

Release 1.1.4 - 2007-06-11

fixChannelSearchManager queue synchronization fixed.msekoranja
fixChannel connection/access rights listeners dispatching synchronization added.msekoranja
fixLeader/follower thread pool queue fixed.msekoranja
updatePUT_ACKT/ACKS support added.msekoranja

Release 1.1.3 - 2006-12-20

updateMonitor can be created even if channel is not connected.msekoranja
updateChannel instance reference counting. Connection event is artificially fired on listener added at channel creation of already created (cached) channel.msekoranja
fixBehaviour of <code>auto_addr_list</code> fixed (now it adds auto list to <code>addr_list</code> and does not override it as before).msekoranja
fixMassive connection fixed (UDP sent buffer was too big).msekoranja

Release 1.1.2 - 2006-11-15

fixCAJ search algorithm reimplemented.msekoranja

Release 1.1.1 - 2006-10-26

fixChannel search improved.msekoranja
updateCAJ priority support added.msekoranja

Release 1.1.0 - 2006-09-09

fix<code>CAStatus</code> fixes (readNotify, writeNotify, eventAdd).msekoranja
fixAdded support to workaround (strip) FQDN hostname returned from getHostname(), only hostname expected.msekoranja
updateFlow control added.msekoranja
updatePure Java CA Repeater implemented, <code>com.cosylab.epics.caj.CARepeater</code>.msekoranja
updatePure Java CA Server (JCAS) implemented, <code>com.cosylab.epics.caj.cas.CAJServerContext</code> context.msekoranja

Release 1.0.5 - 2006-05-26

fixSynchronous (non-callback) version of <code>Channel.put()</code> fixed to use CA_WRITE request instead of CA_WRITE_NOTIFY.msekoranja
updateAdded dispatching of <code>ContextExceptionListener.contextVirtualCircuitException()</code>.msekoranja
updateI/O event listeners (write, read, monitors) no loger get error state events (disconnect, destroyed), <code>ContextExceptionListener.contextException()</code> is used instead.msekoranja

Release 1.0.4 - 2005-09-07

fixTimed-out pendIO() fixed.msekoranja
update<code>JNIRepeater</code> support for MacOS.msekoranja

Release 1.0.3 - 2005-07-06

updateMinor performance/memory improvements.msekoranja
fixOn Linux (and possibly others platforms) it can happen that when connection is lost, CPU goes 100%. Fixed. Also reconnection was fixed.msekoranja
fixLarge arrays of data send/write fix/improvements.msekoranja

Release 1.0.2 - 2005-02-01

fixPort numbers above <code>0x7000</code> fixed.msekoranja
fixString array fix.msekoranja

Release 1.0.1 - 2004-11-06

addAdded support for <code>gov.aps.jca.Context.getVersion()</code> method. Now users can retrieve context name and version information (at runtime).msekoranja
addAdded global context configuration defined in <code></code>. Prefix <code>gov.aps.jca.Context</code> can be used instead of specific prefixes to set global context configuration. Of course, specific configuration overrides default configuration(s).msekoranja
fixFixed access rights bug.msekoranja

Release 1.0 - 2004-10-27

updateFirst release of CAJ.msekoranja