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Release History

2.3.62012-06-14DBE_PROPERTY support
2.3.52011-02-08JNIException made public.
2.3.42011-01-06JNI CA Status check.
2.3.32009-10-21System env. variables support.
2.3.22008-10-27PUT_ACKT/ACKS support added.
2.3.12006-12-20QueuedEventDispatcher deadlock detection.
2.3.02006-11-0664-bit platform support.
2.2.12006-10-26Priority support added.
2.2.02006-09-09ServerContext and bug fixes/improvements.
2.1.72006-05-26Minor fixes and updates.
2.1.62005-07-06Minor fixes, MacOS port.
2.1.52004-11-06Convenience updates.
2.1.42004-10-26Minor bugfix and CAJ context constant added.
2.1.32004-08-12Cleanup and bugfixes.
2.1.22004-08-11Import of JCA 2.1.2 source code from APS pages.

Release 2.3.6 - 2012-06-14

updateMonitor payload size check at creation time.carcassi
updateDBE_PROPERTY support.msekoranja

Release 2.3.5 - 2011-02-08

fixJNIException class made public.msekoranja

Release 2.3.4 - 2011-01-06

fixJNI CA Status check before DBR creation patch by Ike.msekoranja

Release 2.3.3 - 2009-10-21

updateAdded support for -Djca.use_env=true - reads EPICS system env. variables.msekoranja
updateMac OS X 10.6 (Intel) support.msekoranja
fixQueuedEventDispatcher and LastMonitorOnlyEventDispatcher concurrency improvements.msekoranja

Release 2.3.2 - 2008-10-27

updatePUT_ACKT/ACKS support added.msekoranja
updateMac OS X (Intel) support.msekoranja
fixJNI processing fixed in case of error.msekoranja

Release 2.3.1 - 2006-12-20

fixQueuedEventDispatcher deadlock detection added (if queue is full and event is generated by event dispatcher queue).msekoranja
fixClean implementation of JNI <code>AttachCurrentThread/DeattachCurrentThread</code>. <code>AttachCurrentThreadAsDaemon</code> used instead of <code>AttachCurrentThread</code> (to let JVM to exit if not using EPICS 3.14.9 or newer). JDK 1.4 or newer required by <code>AttachCurrentThreadAsDaemon</code>.msekoranja
updatePorted part of CAJ tests to test JCA.msekoranja
fix<code>JNIMonitor.removeMonitorListener()</code> implementation did actually add a monitor listener. Fixed.msekoranja
fix<code>JNIChannel.get()</code> threw a <code>NullPointerException</code> if channel not connected. Fixed to throw <code>CAException</code>.msekoranja

Release 2.3.0 - 2006-11-06

update64-bit platform support added (32-bit pointers replaced with 64-bit).msekoranja
fixJNI context initialization bug fixed.msekoranja
fixJNI global context message callback fallback fixed. Unused <code>getEnvPtr/freeEnvPtr</code> on non-BSD4.3 systems excluded from build.msekoranja

Release 2.2.1 - 2006-10-26

updatePriority support added..msekoranja

Release 2.2.0 - 2006-09-09

fix<code>QueuedEventDispatcher</code> improved (blocks per PV).msekoranja
fixAdded code to destroy event dispatcher to <code>JNIContext</code>.msekoranja
updateAdded support for <code>ServerContext</code> and some changes to DBRs.msekoranja

Release 2.1.7 - 2006-05-26

fixEclipse compatibility, exception callbacks, use of <code>epicsThreadPrivate</code>. (fix provided by Kenneth Evans, Jr.)msekoranja
updateAdded <code>CAStatus.UNRESPTMO</code> (virtual circuit unresponsive) status.msekoranja
updateAdded <code>ContextExceptionListener.contextVirtualCircuitException()</code> method.msekoranja

Release 2.1.6 - 2005-07-06

fix<code>gov.aps.jca.event.DirectEventDispatcher</code> - added exception handling of exceptions thrown from user code.msekoranja
updateMinor performance/memory improvement on enums types.msekoranja
fixMalformed JavaDocs fixed.msekoranja
fixI fixed a bug that was overwriting memory in <code>JNI.cpp</code>. (fix provided by Tom Pelaia)msekoranja
updateI added support for building and running JCA on Mac OS X. (update provided by Tom Pelaia)msekoranja
updateSimplified the OS scripts by using the EPICS environment variables to eliminate the hard coded paths so users will no longer have to edit these files for their setup. Now build system uses the <code>EPICS_BASE_RELEASE</code> and <code>EPICS_EXTENSIONS</code> environment variables that EPICS users use for referencing the EPICS base and extensions folders respectively. (update provided by Tom Pelaia)msekoranja

Release 2.1.5 - 2004-11-06

addAdded <code>gov.aps.jca.Context.getVersion()</code> method. Now users can retrieve context name and version information (at runtime).msekoranja
addAdded global context configuration defined in <code>JCALibrary.property</code>. Prefix <code>gov.aps.jca.Context</code> can be used instead of specific prefixes to set global context configuration. Of course, specific configuration overrides default configuration(s).msekoranja

Release 2.1.4 - 2004-10-26

addAdded <code>gov.aps.jca.JCALibrary.CHANNEL_ACCESS_JAVA</code> property.msekoranja
fix<code>gov.aps.jca.jni.JNI.ctxt_pool()</code> was always throwing a CAException due to the fact that the ca_poll() function in the C library always returns a timeout status code (fix provided by Eric Boucher).msekoranja

Release 2.1.3 - 2004-08-12

fixMajor synchonization and performance fixes in <code>gov.aps.jca.event.QueuedEventDispatcher</code>.msekoranja
fix<code>gov.aps.jca.event.DirectEventDispatcher</code> minor performance improvement.msekoranja
fix<code>gov.aps.jca.JCALibrary.getInstance()</code> singleton pattern was missing synchronization.msekoranja
fixRemoved unused imports in the code.msekoranja

Release 2.1.2 - 2004-08-11

updateImport of JCA 2.1.2 source code from APS pages.msekoranja